Our Company’s History

Miami Commercial Photographer  Alex Manfredini

Award-Winner Commercial Photographer Alex Manfredini
Founder of AvlCorp Commercial Photo Studio in Miami, Florida. March, 1994.

It was the beginning in 1994 when Alex Manfredini took his passion for photography and created AvlCorp Photo Studio to share that passion with the business community of Miami-Dade County. With $800 in start-up money, he and his wife-partner Sandra set to work. Sharing a home garage, a cramped office space, and a dream, the two hopeful and ambitious young entrepreneurs poured their skills and talents into their photography company, which they named Avl Corporation.

That passion still exists and his vision of a family business has now stretched over the future generation. AvlCorp Studio remains committed to providing the best images for the commercial, corporate and advertising community in Miami, Florida and beyond. The Photo Studio accomplish this by being a pace setter in the field, utilizing some of the state of the art photography and lighting equipments and techniques to provide an final product of the highest quality in a relaxed, professional environment.

A little more than a decade after its founding, AvlCorp had become one of the most prestigious commercial photography studios in South Florida. Over the last two decades AvlCorp has been working with top leading companies in the area of Food Industry, Fashion Designers, Internet Companies, Construction Conglomerates, and Manufacturers from all around the globe, photographing the most challenging project and delivering beautiful images helping to create an unique signature style in photography acclaimed for both national and international clientele. AlvCorp was one of the original pioneers of digital photography and became one of the first fully Digital Studio in America.

Since 2001, The Company as well as their professional team has been collecting awards and recognitions form all the areas related with the Photo Studio expertise.

Today, under the leadership of the creative chairman and CEO, Alex Manfredini, the Miami Headquarter Studio and its subsidiaries in three different countries serves the photographic needs of companies of all sizes.

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