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Top Miami Creative Alex Manfredini


Award-winning Photographer Alex Manfredini is a Miami-based photographer specializing in fashion photographyfood photographyProduct PhotographyArchitectural Photography and Industrial Photography. He stablished his first commercial Photography studio in 1994, involved the use of some of the earliest digital cameras and early photo manipulation programs, and has pursued a signature style of lighting and photography since that time.
While most of the pioneers of the digital photography started with photography, Mr. Alex Manfredini entered the field at a point in time where it had become possible to manipulate real-world images on a computer and transmit the same feeling.
Since 1994, Mr. Manfredini is the head creative of AvlCorp. He received several awards during his trajectory including the prestigious Guru Award for Excellence in Photoshop for five consecutive years (2001-2005), as well as his works that has been published in print magazines and books all around the world.
Miami Photographer Alex Manfredini' awards

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